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Eglise St-Laurent
Altar of Eglise St-Laurent
Organ of Eglise St-Laurent
Eglise St-Irenée
Mary Queen of the World
Interior of Mary Queen of the World

Facade of Our Lady of Fatima
Interior of Our Lady of Fatima
Christ Church Cathedral (angle 2)
Interior of Christ Church Cathedral (Looking toward Organ)
Exterior of Christ Church Cathedral (Christmas)
Chancel of Christ Church Cathedral

Basilique Notre-Dame
Organ of Basilique Notre-Dame
Altar of Basilique Notre-Dame
Interior St-Cunégonde

St-Joseph's Oratory on Mount Royal
Organ at St-Joseph's Oratory
Side-Panel Stained-Glass of St-Joseph's Oratory
St-Patrick's Baslica
Altar of St-Patrick's Basilica
Choir & Organ of St-Patrick's Basilica

St-Pierre D'Apotre
Interior of St-Pierre D'Apotire (Facing Altar)
Holy Thursday Service at St-Pierre D'Apotre
Organ & Choir Loft of St-Pierre D'Apotre
St-Michael & St-Anthony
Choir Loft & Altar of St-Michael & St-Anthony

Saint Andrew & Saint Paul
looking toward Chancel of St-Andrew & St-Paul
looking toward front entrance St-Andrew & St-Paul
Organ of St-Andrew & St-Paul (Biggest organ in Montreal)l
Stained Glass Window over Front Balcony of St-Andrew & St-Paul
Stained Glass Window over Chancel & Organ of St-Andrew & St-Paul

Erskine & American Church
Museum of St-Laurent (Formerly Presbyterian Church of St-Paul
Interior of Musuem of St-Laurent (Seen from Organ Loft)
Alternate Photo of Facade of Museum of St-Laurent

St-George's Anglican
Eglise St-Joachim (Pt.Claire)
Notre-Dame Du Bonsecours Church (Old Montreal)

2005/2006 "Restoration of the Facade" of St-James United Churchl

St-James United (Circa late 1800's)
View from Street Level (angle 1) 2000
Streetfront Angle-shot showing Neon Sign
View from Top Floor Window of "Future Shop"
View from across the street (angle 2)
Commercial Entrance to church (seen from sidewalk)
Archway over Commerical Entrance
Various Photos of Mercantile Buildings Demolition in Progress
Aerial view of church & block (seen from Ste-Catherine East
Uncovering of Cornerstone (Circled in black in photo)
Next 4 photos depicting demolition of mercantile buildings
First 4 photos depict different stages of restoration
Photo #5 (Unvieling of Facade Celebration to Public) 2006
Heritage Window (See Info in text below)
Reverend Arlen John Bonnar

Choir of St-James Under Direction of Jean-Sébastien Allaire
Choir of St-James United
Organist Philip Crozier of St-James United
Choir Director Jean-
Sébastien Allaire
Organ & Altar
Balcony, Seating & Window
Balcony, Seating & Window (Slightly Angled shot)

East Wing & Balcony, seen from rear of church
Large & Smaller Stained-Glass Windows in rear balcony

The Heritage Window (Located in Right Tower of church) was designed by Studio du Verre and unveiled on September 13, 2006. The Heritage Window is a permanent witness to the present-day ministry of St. James. The flame is a symbol of Moses encountering God in the Burning Bush (a reminder that he was walking on holy ground), and the Pentecostal Flame (the outpouring of God’s spirit on the Church). The Heritage window cost is approximately $25,000. Members, adherents, and friends of St. James were invited to step into its history by contributing to offset the cost. A Dedication Book was established and all donations were listed. Contributions could be made in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special event. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $10.


A Special Tribute to the Unitarian Church of Montreal

Unitarian Church of Montreal (Photo Circa early 1900's)
Painting of Unitarian Church (Circa 1900's)
Devasting fire which destroyed Unitarian Church (Photo: 1987)
Foundation & Ruins of burned church (2004)
Window view (looking inward toward opposite wall (2005)
The New Unitarian Church of Montreal

Today, the grounds where the original church stood (on Corner of Sherbrooke and Simpson Streets) has been leveled and plans for a 12-storey condominium project are already in progress. The first link below talks about the condominium project plans (then & now). The 2nd link is the website to the new Unitarian Church of Montreal, which is alive & flourishing.



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