Advert for REMAX / IMAC (8"X10" Sheet) made with Adobe Illustrator
Sports Magazine Montage (4"X6" in size) made with Adobe Photoshop
Advert for a Water Product (8"X10") made with Adobe Illustrator
10th Anniversary of RTC Invite (Quark XPress 8"X10")

My Class "Group 74" at RTC (Photoshop Montage 10"X8")
Quebec Pamphlet (Photoshop 3"X6")
Abstract cat artwork (Adobe Illustrator) 8"X10"
Montreal Yellow-Pages Phone Directory Advert (Photoshop 8"X9.5")

Back & Front of "RTC" Adult Eduction Programs Media Folder (22"X11.5")
Notepad Sheet from RTC Media Folder (4"X5.5")
Montreal Symphonic Orchestra Pamphlet (Photoshop & Quark XPress) 4"X8"
Springtime "Scene" (Photoshop) 10"X8"
Photoshop Montage of me and a kitten in a dollhouse (home project)
"Tree of Dreams" Photoshop artwork (home project)

Sarah Brightman as "The Mona Lisa" Photoshop (home project)
Photoshop project of me with Sarah Brightman (home project)
"Before & After" Photoshop Project (Uncle Sam Montage)



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